Former prima ballerina at Verona Arena and Soloist Berlin Opera, Artistic Director internationalsummerschool Italia, founder Monreart Foundation, YGP Europe Ambassador


Former First Dancer Arena di Verona, Soloist Berlin Opera. Artistic Director International Summer School Italy, Founder Monreart Foundation, Ambassador YGP Europe

We’re a registered not-for-profit organisation, stemming from the experience of Ilenia Montagnoli and Tommaso Renda, artists who have dedicated more than 20 years to dance. We are committed to providing the young participants of our workshops and master classes with an intense educational experience of the highest level, in collaboration with renowned directors from the most prestigious international academies.

We offer young people a tangible support through our extensive network of contacts and connections, facilitating access to both academies and employment opportunities through partnerships with prominent directors affiliated with us.

We are proud of the results we’ve acheived: starting in 2019, we have facilitated and brokered the allocation of 200,000€ in scholarships. With satisfaction, we report that 180 students were accepted into international academies, 15 of whom have successfully embraced professional careers as dancers, integrating into ballet companies around the world. Over the years we have enjoyed the closeness and support of the greatest dance talents, including Carla Fracci, who believed in our project as a program of excellence for dance in Italy.

Just like the talents we support, we are constantly growing and evolving: our project for the years to come is to transform our organisation into a Foundation, Monreart Foundation, with the aim of making the dream of a career in dance possible and accessible through the accompaniment and training of very promising young people, in Italy and world-wide.

Support us, support the future of dance!

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